Monday, December 21, 2009

Whitsundays - Hydeaway Bay

This is the view I have to wake up to each morning at the Hydeaway Bay housesit.
I'm playing tennis several times a week with the local ladies late in the afternoon when it has cooled down a little. Humidity is high but still the rains haven't come.
My knitting production is at an all-time low, not because of the heat but due to my wonderful social life. These country "girls" know how to enjoy life to the full.
The Dingo Beach Yarn Group have handed me many boxes of knitted items to courier back to Knit 4 Brisbane's Needy. Just to name a few there are 50 beanies, 12 scarves, 3 cartons of baby clothing, 3 adult ponchos, 6 children's jumpers, all knitted since I was here last in January. If they keep this up I may need to bring less personal things with me in future so I have room in my little hatchback on the return journey south. Great work ladies - thank you.
For those of you interested in fishing - the locals going out to the reef are not catching much. Dave, the retired butcher who knows how to spin a yarn, claims he's catching them off the Beach at night. I suspect he's simply out to stir the boat owners spending a fortune to travel out to the Reef!
My 2010 housesitting diary is filling fast. If you know of anybody needing my services please have them get in touch as soon as possible.


Our Dingo Beach Christmas Tree - the birds like it and the Lorikeets think they are part of the decorations.

The view from the verandah of my first Dingo Beach housesit. That's Gloucester Island in the background.

Dingo Beach at sunset with the tide out.

Yesterday I moved from Dingo Beach, a piece of undeveloped paradise in the Whitsundays where mobiles don't work and neither do wireless modems, to another glorious spot just around the corner, or over the hill, depending on your mode of transport. These housesitting gigs are getting tougher and tougher!