Friday, October 30, 2009

Farewell Maleny - Hello Highway

One more sleep then my homeowner Audrey will be home, 2 more sleeps and I'll be back behind the wheel heading North. The time spent in Maleny has been wonderful. The biggest bonus was discovering Dean and Jan Francis again. Tiggie the dog I will miss very much, she's so intelligent and such great company. There's something to be said for waking up each morning and gazing out across the valley of green - it's good for the soul. I trust there will be many, many more opportunities to return to this community in the future.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Red Riding Hood Project

The jacket Red Riding Hood is wearing is 2.5cm at the centre back, was knit with Rubi and Lana 2ply (which I think knits up more like a 1 to 1.5ply) on size 18 needles. I began at the front of the hood and knit from the top down. I then knit the sleeves on 4dpns needles, so no sewing up was required when completed. This very cute bear was designed and made by Lesley Stipanov of Les Bears who currently has it listed for adoption on eBay. My very creative friend, Lesley, made the little toggles using a product called Shrinky Dink which is available from scrapbooking suppliers. It takes all day to knit a jacket like this - I think I'm mad but feel much satisfaction knitting these miniature items I'll continue to do it while my eyesight allows me to.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Alice Bear's Christening Gown

My Maleny visit has been very fulfilling from a creative point of view. I was surprised but very pleased when this miniature christening gown fitted one of Les Bears tiny creatures. It was knit with 100 cotton on size 19 needles. I adore this pattern designed by Sue Osborne and purchased from Jeanette Fishwick of Tasmania. It flows from my needles. The bear's name is Alice and she as now been adopted and gone to live at St Ives (Sydney).

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Maleny Sunday

Rain at last at Maleny. It is so welcome as everything has been looking extremely dry. A bonus was this amazing rainbow, the best I've seen in years.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Maleny Activities 2

The view was a tad foggy on Sunday morning but still very beautiful and it lifted very quickly giving way to a bright sunny, blue sky day.

Lesley has led me astray taking me to a yarn store and two quilting stores....however, she's forgiven because she's also included me in a couple of her bear making sessions so I've managed to complete my second handmade bear, Meg. It's only taken me about 4 years! Now I need to get busy and knit her a fine lace collar, a pretty jacket or perhaps a pretty dress and knickers.
This is the view from the side entrance of my housesit....certainly does the soul good to look at while listening to the multitude of bird calls, almost the only noise interrupting the wonderful peace on this Maleny ridge.

Had a wonderful surprise when I went with Lesley to quilting group this morning. A fellow corporate wife from the days when Bill worked at CSR Building Products was there. Seeing her brought back lots of memories of children's Christmas parties and client dinners.

Maleny Activities

Tiggie the dog who comes with my house-sit has been very well behaved for me - I think she's worked out this is the hand that will be feeding her for a while. She's such a character.