Tuesday, January 12, 2010

North Queensland Wanderings

O'Connell River Caravan Park 22 klms south of Proserpine

My current home

O'Connell River Caravan Park is where I'm currently camped filling in time between housesits. I must have passed this place dozens of times but never noticed it previously. Yesterday while on the Bruce Highway heading to Cape Hillsborough it looked very appealing so I swung in and found a gem. My camp site overlooks the wide, healthy looking river (no fish biting the locals tell me). The grass is lush, there are shady trees, friendly folk, mobile and internet access and a swimming pool. All for the princely sum of $16 per night. I've decided to stay all week. The only negative is the number of insects, some of which flap their wings loudly, which seem to find their way into my tent at night. Tonight there are 3 jewel green grasshoppers gazing through the mesh as they take up residence between the tent and the fly sheet at ceiling level.

It's Wednesday and I've spent the entire day reading a book I just can't put down "More than Riches" by Josephine Cox. It's a story about a girl called Rosie set in the 40's and 50's in the UK.