Monday, March 1, 2010

The Run South

After 4 more days at O'Connell River Caravan Park - this time in a warm dry cabin - I sadly had to leave the Whitsunday area.

Just north of Mt Larcom Richard who, unbeknown to me, was driving north for work, called. We were just a few klms apart so we enjoyed a coffee together. I like life's little surprises.

The drive down the Bruce Highway was the worst I've encountered in my wanderings. The rain was so heavy once I got south of Rockhampton that I had no choice but to slip in behind a well lit semi-trailer being driven at a sensible pace and follow his lights. I made Gin Gin by nightfall and chose to stay in a motel.

Next day I climbed the steep winding, picturesque road from the Bruce Highway, through Palmwoods to Maleny and was at the Stipanov's in time for lunch. Their son Martin was there on holiday and it was the first time I've seen him since he was a young teenager in the 90's. My meditation teacher, Wendy, and Gary's Mum, Jan, were also there for lunch which, as always, was a healthy and delicious one.

At the Glasshouse Mtns I called into drop of the Dingo Beach Yarn Group's charity knitting to Karen Croke who later reported we'd donated over 300 items. What an amazing effort by just 9 dedicated ladies and there is more which I just couldn't find room for in my car this trip.

Mitchell, Nicholas and Zac greeted me with enthusiasm and I stayed overnight with them then went with Zac to his first official swimming lesson. It's always great to be able to be part of their lives.

The Wet Came

There I was with a week left to go when THE WET began. Unfortunately, my little tent proved incapable of handling this quantity of rain and it flooded driving me into the front seat of my car where I spent a warm, dry, not too uncomfortable night. The power of the mind is a wonderful thing - I simply imagined I was sitting on an aircraft heading to Europe. The drum of the rain on the car roof replicated the drone of an aircraft engine and I slept.

Next morning I had no choice but to up tent pegs and head back to friends, Sue and Wayne, at Dingo Beach. I turned up looking like a drowned rat but, as always, found a warm welcome. Wayne's shed made the perfect place to put my tent and camping gear to dry.

My final Dingo Beach housesit was a little different to the usual in that the senior member of the household, Mona, was there with me. Mona is 91 yo, still does crosswords, suduko, reads, knits for charity and keeps up with world affairs. She took care of me really. She made us porridge each morning and our dinner each evening. We had Sue and Wayne around for dinner one night and Mona prepared everything. I was assigned the table setting and the vegetable preparation duties!