Saturday, July 24, 2010

Broken Hill to the Coast

Another day's driving full of nature's wonders. The roadside grasses were roughly a metre high, apple green at the base and wheaten at the top. As they swayed in the wind they gave the illusion of being lit from beneath. For 2 days my poor car was subjected to bombardment by huge grasshopper-like insects and I am still trying to get the mess off the front despite numerous washes by Richard and myself.

Suddenly the highway was flanked by a huge body of water and I know what camel drivers must feel like when they come to an oasis! There is was sparkling, clear, bird laden water in the middle of absolutely nowhere.

That night I stayed in a Nyngan motel and was treated to the most amazing sunset I've seen in a very long time.

Coonabarrabran, next day, was a lot larger than I remembered it and a good place for a break in the park and fuel. I'm finding more and more service stations in country towns have gone back to having personnel on the driveway to assist customers and there's nothing wrong with a touch of good old fashioned service.

In my opinion the countryside just out of Coonabarrabran was very picturesque and I made several photo stops endeavouring to capture it.

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